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Construction Trades


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Construction Trades Flyer



Construction Trades (gr. 11-12)


Course Overview:

In the Construction Trades program, students learn basic aspects of carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical wiring, site planning, drywall, roofing, and interior/exterior finishing. Students also study code requirements, blueprint reading, the framing square, and the use of the transit. Most of the work in this class is completed on the job site, away from school. This on-site instruction gives students an opportunity to apply the skills learned in the classroom.



Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the Construction Trades course, a student will be able to:


Explain and apply construction safety rules
Plan material requirements and estimate material for the job
Follow proper procedures to complete building code approvals
Plan project cost estimates
Lay out square building lines to begin excavation
Have a general understanding of residential house framing practices
Apply asphalt shingles to a roof
Install vinyl siding, along with soffit and fascia
Have a general understanding of how to wire a house
Install plumbing supply lines and drains
Hang and finish drywall
Hang interior doors and apply casing and baseboard
Install kitchen cabinets
Lay masonry block that will be straight, level, and plumb



Internship Opportunities:

An important component of the program for second-year students is a 6-week internship with a local construction-related business. Students will gain real work experience by working on actual job sites during the internship.



Special Opportunities:

Students in the Construction Trades program have the opportunity to compete in a competition sponsored by SkillsUSA.



Student Profile:

A successful student in Construction Trades should enjoy working with his/her hands, like to be outdoors, and enjoy working with tools. Students must supply basic construction tools and attire.



Suggested Prerequisites:


Computer applications
Industrial Technology Education courses



Building Trades includes:

Block laying, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Dry-walling, Roofing, Plastering



Program Availability:

2 or 4 semesters, 2 blocks per day; Open to juniors and seniors



Completion of the Construction Trades course prepares students for:


Apprenticeship program
College program
Entry-level employment


Students who successfully meet requirements of the course and university may earn dual credit from Vincennes University.




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