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Education Professions

Principles of Teaching-This course introduces students to the field of teaching with an emphasis on the professional expectations of the teaching world. Topics include current state standards, lesson plan components, the realities of teaching as a career, and an introduction to teaching strategies and classroom management. We also discuss the nature and purpose of public education, reflect on personal reasons for entering the teaching profession, and explore career choices related to teaching. This course requires students to complete field work experience in an elementary classroom.


Teaching and Learning-Provides students the opportunity to apply many of the concepts that they have learned through Principles of Teaching. In addition to a focus on teaching strategies, this course will provide introduction to the role that technology plays in the modern classroom. Through hands-on experience with educational software, students will analyze ways to integrate technology as a tool for instruction, evaluation, and management. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the topic of literacy development through children’s literature in the classroom. Students will compile a final portfolio demonstrating their mastery of collecting classroom teaching materials and resources.


Child and Adolescent Development-Examines the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and moral development of K-6 grade children. The influence of parents, peers, the school environment, culture and the media are discussed, as well as the theories of development. Topics include Identifying environments that promote healthy social/emotional development for all adolescents, recognizing appropriate behaviors (dispositions) for adults working with school age children and analyzing issues facing today’s children/adolescents, including those with exceptional needs.


Year 2 Capstone-Education Professions Capstone provides an extended opportunity to further apply concepts that have been presented throughout the pathway. Students will gain a deeper understanding of inclusive teaching techniques along with policies, theories, and laws related to special education. The capstone class is for students interested in pursuing a career in Elementary Education, and want to apply their skills hands-on in the classroom.


Students who successfully meet requirements of select course(s) and university may earn the following dual credit from Ivy Tech: EDUC 101, EDUC 121, EDUC 201, EDUC 230, EDUC 233




Rebecca Swanson