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Early Childhood Education Info Flyer


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Early Childhood Education Pathway


Early Childhood Education I (11-12)*

 Length of Course: 1 or 2 years (Half Day)


Recommended pre-requisite: Child Development

Required: Criminal history background check and a negative TB (tuberculosis) test.



Students in the first year of this program will be introduced to a variety of education career paths. Other learning experiences include promoting child development and learning, building family and community relationships, and using developmentally effective approaches to observe, document, and assess within this field. In order to gain an understanding of a child’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development, various developmental theorists are studied for further understanding of early childhood behavior. Developmentally appropriate activities for children, appropriate practices, care regulations and licensing requirements are central to this class.



Education Professions (12)*

Pre-requisite: Early Childhood Education

Length of course: 1 year (Half Day)


This course provides the foundation for employment in education and related careers. Course study includes the teaching profession, the learner as he/she relates to the learning process, planning instruction concepts, and an in-depth look at instructional/assessment strategies. An additional component will be exploratory field experiences in various classroom settings.


Students who successfully meet requirements of the course(s) and university may earn dual credit from Ivy Tech Community College.


Swanson, Rebecca