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Drafting: Architectural and Mechanical


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Architecture and Drafting Flyer


Drafting: Architectural and Mechanical (Grades 10-12)


Course Overview

The Hoosier Hills Career Center drafting program is divided into traditional board drafting and Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD). Drafting students are instructed in the use of specialized drafting equipment and in the application of modern drafting techniques to practical drafting problems. Students learn Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) instruction and solid modeling and architectural modeling. Students will learn drafting-related subjects such as related math, drafting to scale, terminology, and use of a technical library. Selected assignments are based on specific areas of student interest.



Major areas of interest include

Architecture, civil and mechanical engineering and design. Students also work on contests, as appropriate, and the customization of the AutoCAD environment.



Post-secondary Education Credit

Post-secondary education credit at Ivy Tech State College is available for students who qualify. Students may be eligible for up to 9 credit hours.



Special Opportunities

Students in the Drafting program have the opportunity to compete in competitions sponsored by the American Institute of Architects.



Student Profile

A successful student in Drafting should have a good work ethic, possess some artistic ability, and be able to visualize objects.



Suggested Prerequisites


Introduction to Drafting



Drafting instruction includes:

Specialized, custom instruction in the student's specific area of interest.



Program Availability


2, 4, or 6 semesters, 1 or 2 blocks per day
Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors



Completion of Drafting prepares students for:

Entry-level employment as a drafter or post-secondary education at a technical or 4-year college


Students who successfully meet requirements of the course and university may earn dual credit from Ivy Tech Community College.




Mr. Greg Valenta