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Hoosier Hills Career Center is part of the second cohort of 98 organizations chosenby the United States Department of Labor to serve as Apprenticeship Ambassadors.  

The second cohort of Apprenticeship Ambassadors represents a broad spectrum of emerging, high-growth industries where the Department is making significant progress in expanding to include IT/Cybersecurity, Education, Healthcare, and Clean Energy.  Additionally, the second cohort represents industries that are key to rebuilding our infrastructure and strengthening advanced manufacturing in the U.S. With commitments to expand and diversify Registered Apprenticeship in many critical industries, these Apprenticeship Ambassadors are poised to promote these programs and expand access to good paying jobs.

As part of this cohort, HHCC has commited to hosting outreach and recruitment activities, and training sessions. We have also pledged to develop apprenticeship programs and resources in their first year as Ambassadors, and we have pledged to recruit and train underserved populations by committing to complete over 240 outreach and recruitment activities and 180 training sessions specifically targeted to reach marginalized populations.


See the US Department of Labor’s May 17, 2023 press release  announcing the second cohort.