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Health Science Education I


Introduction to Health Care (Grades 11-12) Course Overview: Introduction to Health Care Systems is a one-year, dual credit college course that introduces students to the field of health care. Students completing this program will gain a working knowledge of body systems, medical terminology, and basic patient care skills common to various health occupations. Through an exploration of current issues and varied careers available in the healthcare industry. Students will be prepared to set realistic career and continuing education goals. The course is structured to combine both classroom instruction and hands-on training in a lab setting.



Upon successful completion of the Introduction to Health Care Systems course, a student should be able to:


Demonstrate a basic knowledge of medical terminology
Understand basic human anatomy and physiology
Understand concept of wellness as it relates to body systems and to the whole person
Demonstrate skills in hand washing and infection control
Understand and apply safety rules in the student lab and at job shadow sites
Appreciate the history of health care
Develop skills in communication, leadership, problem solving, and professionalism
List and describe various types of healthcare providers
Perform basic first aid Acquire competence in skills that are suitable for entry-level employment in the field of health care
Understand the duties and demands of various careers in health care
Obtain a certification for BLS/CPR
Obtain a certification in dementia
Special Opportunities: Qualifying students in the Introduction to Health Care Systems program may compete in the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) State Conference. Top-rated students in the state competition have the opportunity to compete at the national conference.



Suggested Prerequisites:



Interpersonal relations




Health Occupations instruction includes: Introduction to the healthcare industry, body systems, basic medical terminology, basic patient care skills, CPR, dementia, professionalism, communication, and leadership


Program Availability: 2 semesters, 2 blocks per day open to juniors and seniors


Completion of Introduction to Health Care Systems course prepares students for: Entry-level employment in the healthcare industry, a second year of instruction in the Health Careers / Practicum program, and post-secondary education or training.


Students who successfully meet requirements of the course and university may earn dual credit from Ivy Tech Community College.